Andrew Thornhill 3D Freelance Illustrator

I am a freelance 3D / 4D designer and illustrator.


I qualified as a technical illustrator in the days when drawings were constructed by hand, in pencil, pen and ink. Back then we used tools like perspective grids, elipse guides and Rotring pens, working in huge offices full of A0 size drawing boards.

I moved on from illustrating heavy equipment for the Ministry of Defence, to the private sector and from there jumped into graphic design, web design and eventually brand management and marketing.

Over the years I have worked for agencies, corporations and run my own business - but I have always kept my hand in the illustration arena.


I currently work with a number of creative agencies and brands directly, producing graphic design and illustrations for new product launches, the games industry, the events sector as well as private commissions.

Below are some recent projects.